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This is where you'll find the Ceramic portion of our store. Ceramics By You offers bisque as well as all the supplies you need to complete your project! These are just a few samples that have been completed in our store. We have hundreds of bisque to choose from!


We no longer cast/pour greenware (gray colored pieces) but purchase bisque ready to paint. FYI:  greenware is earthenware clay pieces that havenít been fired. We will still fire greenware for those of you who bring it in (price to be determined by size).


Our painting is now done on bisque (white pieces (greenware thatís been fired once)) using various glazes and underglazes (Concepts). If the item is for decoration only, then non-fired stains may be used to create some great effects.  All utility items need to be glazed with a food safe glaze.

Class Paints

You may either purchase your own paint from us or use class paints. Glazes are usually purchased due to the amount used but I do offer underglazes for design work as part of the class paints. If class paints are used, a price is determined after completion of your project. Projects that have been painted with stains (non-fired paints) should be sealed when complete with a sealer. If the piece has been painted with Concepts (underglazes) then you have two choices before firing: You can let your piece dry and then carefully apply a clear glaze to your piece or you may fire your work in between underglazing and clear glaze. The benefit of firing in between is you donít have to worry about smearing the design; the disadvantage is you're paying for an extra firing. Iíll help you make that decision when the time comes.

Brushes, Tools and Supplies

All brushes, tools and supplies are available to purchase. The cleanliness of your brushes will insure a nice finished product. First, clean your brushes thoroughly in warm water and soap, using a cleaning pad if desired (stain brushes only). Next, stand your brushes up vertically in a container when not in use. This is a must to keep your brushes in good condition for a long time.


Clear glazing, brush rental and eye painting are available for a fee.

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